Sir Michael, 82 & Caine’ing it!

How inspirational to read Sir Michael Caine advise, at the age of 82, that ‘I’ve never had it so good, and this time of life is fabulous for my career’, whilst talking about his lead role in movie ‘Youth’. I sense that opportunities for such work fulfilment in older workers are still few and far between in the corporate world. However, in conversation this week I was enthused to hear that ‘age’ is high on the talent agenda for many employers, and the appetite is to move beyond complying with legislation, to understanding and enabling the needs of different generations. Research advises that older employees are motivated by exciting and challenging work, meaningful work and autonomy, Caine appears to have succeeded on all fronts.

We know that engaging older generations is key to addressing the skills gap in the UK, and yet CIPD research advises that only a third of employers have a road map in place to consider practices for this group. Finding what works for your organisation may not be easy and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Understanding your generational trends is the best starting point and listening closely to what different generations want and need in order to ‘be at their best’ at work. Is your organisation doing enough to attract, recruit, develop and retain, employees of all ages in the workforce?


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