What we do

We help individuals, teams and organisations to be the best that they can be. We use Insights Discovery methodology, the latest neuroscience tools, and coaching expertise.




Individual and Team Development

The first step to improving performance is helping people understand more about themselves. We help people understand why they behave as they do, and why others behave differently. Being aware of our personal style, and the impact we have on others is useful in identifying where to focus our development.

The Insights Discovery summary personality profile develops self awareness, which can improve personal performance, and helps us understand where best to target development to continue to improve.

A team workshop is a perfect way to build motivation, align direction, and build a high performing team. Once we understand why we behave as we do, we can adapt our style to improve our connections with others.  This can be particularly useful for building team effectiveness, in managing change, and when dealing with conflict.

One to one coaching helps employees stay on track and achieve their goals. We provide professional executive coaching to support employee development.


Talent Management Consultancy

We also offer a talent management consultancy service. This is for organisations who are looking to build more relevant, business focused and progressive talent management activity. Whether seeking to align talent strategy to the wider business strategy, implement  talent processes, or deliver talent interventions we have expertise to help. We have experience in building more inclusive talent pools, progressing talent pipelines, developing leaders for the future, and in building engagement, trust and inclusion.